Devastated the southern side of Joplin, becoming the costliest tornado in US history($2.95 Billion). On May 22, 2011 the deadliest tornado in the United States since 1947 struck Joplin, Missouri killing 161 people, injuring approximately 1,150 individuals, and causing approximately $2.8 billion in economic losses.

A sign is seen in a devastated neighborhood in Joplin, Mo., May 25, 2011. There were 158 deaths with over a thousand injured as a result of the tornado. Joplin Missouri Tornado - May 22, 2011. Ted Grabenauer, of Joplin, looks at heavy duty equipment operators clearing the street in the early morning hours in Joplin, Missouri May 23, 2011, the day after a devastating tornado hit the town. Introduction. May 22, 2011; A tornado steamrolled over Joplin, Mo., on Sunday night, knocking out a hospital and causing many deaths across the city, according to various reports. The Joplin tornado took the lives of 158 people, the most from a single tornado since the 1940s. The tornado was on the ground for 22.1 miles and lasted an estimated 38 minutes from start to finish. An EF5 tornado up to a mile-wide left a six-mile long gash in the city of Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011. Methods. NWS Central Region Service Assessment Joplin, Missouri, ... 2011, Joplin Tornado Because this was a warned event with an unusually high number of fatalities, this Service Assessment was initiated for the primary purpose of learning what more could be done to further limit fatalities and injuries from EF-4/EF-5 tornadoes. On May 22, 2011 the city of Joplin, Missouri was impacted by an EF-5 tornado. Joplin… At its peak it was up to a mile wide with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour. While the city has rebuilt, there are still signs of the scar left behind five years later. When you hear of a tornado warning, sometimes they mean this, blocks wide of total destruction, crossing an entire city.

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