benefits of belgian citizenship

All Belgian citizens and permanent residents are issued with an electronic ID card which enables you to travel around 50 countries including across the EU, but a Belgian passport enables you to:. Being born in between these imaginary lines can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life, if the land of your birthplace grants citizenship on the basis of jus soli. As a permanent resident of Canada, you have access to a lot of the same resources that Canadian citizens have. Upon becoming a Belgian citizen, getting a passport is optional. How to get a second passport. New citizens may access these services on the same footing as any other EU citizen. For these reasons it is important to have at least EUR 350,000 in savings at the start of the Belgium residency to citizenship program. Benefits When it comes to long-term residence, if a resident leaves … Belgium citizenship by investment program. leave and re-enter Belgium as many times as you wish without restrictions while the passport is valid A Belgium passport is one of the world’s most sought after. You can benefit from publicly funded schools and healthcare, you can live and work anywhere in Canada, and your civil liberties are protected under Canadian law and by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Terms of registration. This is due to company requirements, legal fees, etc. 5 Benefits of Citizenship . Borders separate countries and citizens. Belgium has excellent health services and a world-class education system. Belgium citizenship offers a range of benefits. The Belgium passport was recently rated as 8th most powerful passport with visa-free access to 184 countries around the world. Cost. Citizenship provides for the same privileges listed above but it also allows leaving Belgium for long periods of time without losing the status. The family of the applicant can also receive Belgian citizenship, and the citizenship can be passed hereditarily. Benefits of being a Resident of Belgium Citizenship in Belgium | How to get an EU Passport. Belgian passport benefits. Payments are done over time and the first year alone can cost you up to EUR 200,000. welfare benefits and social assistance; freedom of association.

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