China Speaks Out Against U.S. "Space Force" By Zero Hedge - Dec 24, 2019, 12:00 PM CST. China conducted its first crewed space mission in 2003, becoming only the third country to do so after Russia and the U.S.

P resident Trump’s decision to establish a “Space Force” could create a military competition in outer space, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned Tuesday.

The report recommended that the U.S. Air Force strive to understand the advances China is making in those domains, as well as in space and within space-based satellite architectures. A Long March 7 rocket, China’s new model carrier rocket, … The Chinese military in 2015 set up a “Strategic Support Force” to centralize the management of space, cyber and electronic warfare missions. See, China and the U.S. both have land-based missiles that can make the shot, but …

The Space Force would likely inherit some of the land-based missiles and lasers capable of making this shot, but they would also ask for a huge assist from the Navy.

China has attacked Donald Trump’s newly created US Space Force as a “direct threat to outer space peace and security”.

Space Force vice commander: China can’t be allowed to buy bankrupt U.S. space companies by Sandra Erwin — May 12, 2020 Arianespace … Both China and Russia, according to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, are developing military capabilities in space, from laser weapons to … Entirely to be expected, China has slammed Trump's newly established Space Force, calling it an unnecessary first move on the part of Washington to weaponize space.

China became the third country ever to launch a human into space in 2003 and has been expanding its space program ever since. Many of China’s space capabilities are designed to counter U.S. military advantages. The comment came …

Chinese officials are livid with the Trump administration for making U.S. Space Force a reality and blasting it as a "direct threat to outer space peace and security."

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