Family: Pegasus Configuration: C. Specifications. (Credit: Orbital ATK) DULLES, Va., 31 October 2017 (Orbital ATK PR) – Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, announced its commercial Minotaur C rocket successfully launched 10 commercial spacecraft into orbit for Planet. Length ― Diameter ― Fairing Diameter ― Launch Mass ― Thrust ― Family. Minotaur-C stands 32 meters tall and weighs in at 77 metric tons, essentially representing a wingless Pegasus rocket with an additional boost stage. (Image credit: Orbital ATK) "Green" imaging satellites Minotaur-C (Taurus XL) | Glory. Minotaur C Payload Capacity.

Minotaur-C (Taurus XL) | Glory Launch Failed. Launch Cost ― Low Earth Orbit ― Geostationary Transfer Orbit ― Direct Geostationary ― Sun-Synchronous Capacity ― Orbital ATK. 8 November Rocket: Vega Payload: MOHAMMED VI-A … A suite of SkySat and Dove satellites is encapsulated into the payload fairing of an Orbital ATK Minotaur-C rocket prior to launch. Minotaur . 5 November Rocket: Long March 3B Payload: BeiDou-3 M1 & M2 71. Minotaur-C (Minotaur Commercial), formerly known as Taurus or Taurus XL, is a four stage solid fueled launch vehicle built in the United States by Orbital Sciences (now Das Payload Assist Module (PAM) ist eine mit Festtreibstoff betriebene modulare Oberstufe, die sowohl mit dem Space Shuttle als auch mit der Delta- und Titan-Rakete eingesetzt wurde, um Satelliten aus einer niedrigen Umlaufbahn auf einen geostationären Transferorbit oder eine interplanetare Bahn zu befördern. The Minotaur-C features a new payload fairing based on the design used on other versions of the Minotaur rocket, as well as updated avionics. Watch the Launch. It is based on the air-launched Pegasus rocket from the same manufacturer. David W. Thompson Founded: 2015 Successes: 3 Failures: 1 Pending: 1 Agency Type: Commercial Orbital ATK Inc. is an American aerospace manufacturer and defense industry company. Die Stabilisierung der PAM-Stufe erfolgt durch Rotation (Spinstabilisierung). The Minotaur-C is able to carry a payload of around 1,350 kg into a low Earth orbit. The six SkySats and four Doves were enclosed inside the Minotaur-C’s payload fairing earlier this month. This is reflected in the numbering of the vehicle’s stages with the Castor 120 boost stage serving as ‘Stage 0’ while the Pegasus stages – two Orion 50 and one Orion 38 motor – retain their designations as Stage 1, 2 and 3. Minotaur-C (Minotaur Commercial), formerly known as Taurus, is a four stage, solid fuel launch vehicle built in the United States by Orbital Sciences Corporation (now Orbital ATK). Minotaur-C launch from Vandenberg. Credit: FAA/Orbital ATK. L - -- : -- : -- : --March 4, 2011, 10:09 a.m. Instantaneous launch window. Rocket: Minotaur-C Payload: SkySat / Flock-3m 70.

Low-Cost, Dual-Manifest Payload Adapter for Minotaur IV Joseph R. Maly and Scott C. Pendleton CSA Engineering, Mountain View, California, 650-210-9000 Steven J. Buckley and John E. Higgins AFRL, Space Vehicles Directorate, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico 505-853-7799, 505-846 …

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