when was eris discovered

Size and Distance. Eris was discovered by Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz on January 5, 2005, when they were having a close look at some images of the outer Solar System taken in 2003.. Naming. It is almost the same size as Pluto, and its discovery directly led to the former ninth planet's demotion. The Discovery of Eris . Eris was originally called Xena, after the main character of the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. Brown, C.A. Eris, like Pluto, is a little smaller than Earth's Moon. Its detection provoked debate about Pluto’s classification as a planet. Discovery. So if Pluto qualified as a full-fledged planet, then Eris certainly should too.

Eris was discovered January 5, 2005. Century. Eris was discovered on Oct. 21, 2003 by M.E. Mar 1, 2007 . Eris was one of the first dwarf planets to be discovered in the solar system. Trujillo, and D. Rabinowitz at the Palomar Observatory. Categories: Lecture Michael Brown: The Solar System and the Distant Dwarfs Outer solar system Retrospections. If the Earth were the size of a nickel, Eris would be about as big as a popcorn kernel. Size and Distance.

Eris was discovered in our solar system recently and not by the Kepler mission. Eris is slightly larger than Pluto. Eris is classified as a dwarf planet. With a radius of about 722 miles (1,163 kilometers), Eris is about 1/5 the radius of Earth. Ceres is not "new" either; it was discovered the first day of the 19th. The object was discovered by astronomer Mike Brown of Caltech in the outer reaches of the Kuiper belt in 2005.

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